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How do you waterproof a basement?

There are several ways depending on the severity of your problem. It can be as simple as sealing your walls with a masonry sealer or you could need a sub floor drain system. We offer a no cost evaluation of your problem to determine what will be best to dry out your basement permanently.


Are all systems the same?

Most sub floor drain systems rely on draining the water that is pressurizing under your basement floor. It is important that a sub floor drain system is able to carry away enough of the water that's under your concrete slab. Some systems are small and sit on the footer which doesn’t allow the water to flow down hill. Other systems use a pipe that can potentially clog in the future. Our system is designed to carry large volumes of water. Our system will never clog for you or future homeowners. - Guaranteed


Are all companies the same?

We started our company with the idea that we can do a better job with a better system for a better price. We do not cut corners by using cheaper materials and we offer each potential customer over 500 names of satisfied customers as references. We are able to charge a fraction of what the big 800 number companies charge because we have no telemarketers, secretaries, layers of management, or commissioned salesmen, all of which add to the cost of your job. We do not have all these overhead expenses so we pass the savings on to the customer.  - We will save you thousands, guaranteed.


Are all warranties the same?

No they are not. - That is why it is very important to ask. Burry’s Waterproofing gives a  dry basement warranty  for the lifetime of the home and is transferable to future home owners for as long as the home stands. Many companies offer a warranty that is transferable only one time. That means when you sell your home you can transfer the warranty but the new home owner cannot. Many potential home buyers are reluctant to purchase a home without a transferable warranty and this is why we are recommended by more Realtors in central Pennsylvania than any other company.



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